Wellness Programs

The dental benefits industry has given an extraordinary amount of attention lately to research that identifies specific dental diseases that complicate high risk medical conditions. DNoA's wellness model implements the concepts of evidence-based research, consumer-driven decision-making tools and disease management through online resources and a proactive educational program to help improve dental and medical health among members.

Our proactive approach to wellness has two key components:

Dental Wellness Center®

DWC Wellness Center

General dental wellness information, tools and resources are available to our dental members on our online Dental Wellness Center®.

This site also includes links to consumer-driven tools, including Treatment and Procedure Animations and Dental Risk Assessments.

Members also have access to the Find A Dentist tool, which searches for participating dentists and identifies dentists who are Dentistat-certified.

This designation is an indicator that a dentist has been independently reviewed and certified by Dentistat and found to have proper credentials, appropriate utilization patterns, and is subject to ongoing utilization monitoring and re-credentialing.

Targeted Member Wellness Mailings

Wellness Graphics

Targeted Education to Improve Dental Health

  • Caries Management Program: Target parents of children with educational flyers to promote the benefits of sealants.
  • Periodontal Management Program: Target those in periodontal treatment with educational flyers to promote the benefits of effective periodontal therapy.

Targeted Education to Improve Medical Health

  • Members with dental coverage who have a high risk medical condition that can be complicated by dental disease receive mailings relevant to their condition (e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy).
  • Target Education: Educational flyers that promote appropriate utilization.

For more information about our Wellness Program, please Contact Us.