DNoA Preferred providers can maximize scrap metal returns using cutting-edge technology with the new EasyRefine scrap metal recovery program offered through D-MMEX.

As a DNoA Preferred Network provider, you can take advantage of the following EasyRefine benefits:

  • Free and insured shipping of all precious scrap contents
  • No charge for melt and assay
  • All-element analysis: including gold, platinum, palladium and silver
  • Detailed analysis report illustrating the value of the shipment
  • Fast payment, with check settlement within 10 business days
  • Access to current market prices at www.easyrefine.com
  • Endorsed by 12 state dental associations
  • Receive 97% of gold value, 90% of silver, platinum and palladium (trade bullion terms on London-based market)

Materials such as lead foil and mercury-based amalgam cannot be accepted.

The D-MMEX EasyRefine program has been extensively tested by your professional colleagues and has consistently demonstrated a commitment to assisting members in maximizing scrap metal returns in a detailed, ethical, and professional manner. Participants have seen returns improve by as much as 30% over their existing arrangements.

For secure scrap shipping material or more details on the EasyRefine program, please contact D-MMEX USA at 1-800-741-3174, email kits@easyrefine.com, or visit www.easyrefine.com.

Dental Network of America, LLC (DNoA) is not an affiliate of D-MMEX. DNoA is offering access to discounts for the products and services of this company ONLY AND SPECIFICALLY MAKES NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND REGARDING THE GOODS AND SERVICES.